As a three-time expatriate, I've been fortunate to have long-term experiences in the Caribbean, North America, and the African continent; as a result, I see the world through all these perspectives; as a Haitian-American, I became a pan-Africanist naturally, by being born into the community of the world's first black republic, Haiti, after my experiences there and in America with the cognitive dissonance I received, I began to reeducate myself on what Haiti was and how it came to be, it expanded my interest further into where did these people originate from, and this is what connected me to Africa and all its beautiful origins, also leaving me with the ultimate lesson never to judge a place that I've never been to, or have not adequately educated on.

Continuing my quest for knowledge on the Pan-African world, for my tertiary education, I studied the art of understanding culture amongst other courses such as cross-cultural relations and management, ultimately leading to obtaining a degree in international relations. I now get to practice the skillsets I've obtained from what I learned, and I live in a world of international relations every day as I gladly connect Africa with its diaspora.

My other beneficial previous work experience includes being an educator, which has taught me creative ways to teach others necessary messages, and I have always been passionate about doing so. My experiences as a travel professional taught me not only the logistics of moving people but also taught me the immense benefits that come with the hands-on learning and relaxation acquired through traveling; nonetheless, I now realize that all my experiences and education purposely culminated in where I am today and I now see how they all work together to help me complete my mission of uniting Africa and its diaspora through enjoyable travel experiences.

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